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National Governors Association released Building a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Education Agenda

The National Governors Association (NGA) first addressed STEM in its 2007 report, Building a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Agenda.  That report provided an overview of the STEMrelated challenges, opportunities, and actions from the state perspective. This report updates those recommendations in light of recent state progress to improve education standards and other efforts to advance STEM education. In addition, this report incorporates recent data from studies that make the economic case for pursuing a STEM agenda even more compelling than before.The report’s six brief chapters cover the following issues

  •  Chapter 2 defines the goals of the STEM agenda, focusing on specific measures
  • Chapter 3 examines why STEM is important in terms of jobs, prosperity, and future economic success
  • Chapter 4 reviews where the current system is preventing the graduation of more high school and college students with STEM skills.
  • Chapter 5 examines what is being done and can be done to counter these trends.
  • Chapter 6 concludes with a look at the work ahead.

To Read the report click on the following LINK.


Experts Brief Congress on New AP Curricula – STEM Education (

Via Scoop.itDigital Fabrication – teaching using new technology

The new classes will focus on more scientific experimentation—students will be tasked with designing their own experiments, rather than focusing on “cookbook” labs with easy-to-follow directions and predictable outcomes.