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Google Sketchup

After learning the basics of the free Google Sketchup 3D software, students would have an opportunity to create their own sculptural objects.  They could then fabricate them from various materials as Stephanie Syjuco did for her Solo exhibition

or print them in ABS plastic using the MakerBot Thing-O-Matic 3D printer.To read an article from The New York Times about the MakerBot and watch an excellent video about desktop manufacturing, click on the following: LINK.

An excellent blog which documents the process of using 3D modeling software with digital fabrication techniques to create sculpture can be found at Mark Leichliter’s web site, Exocubic Studio.


Planar Studies with Sliceforms

Planar studies of mathematical models from paper sections using sliceforms (a sliceform is a 3D shape, which is assembled from flat slices, forming a light-weight grid structure)

Using the SliceModeler plugin for Google Sketchup software, students can create 3D forms and “slice” them along two axes. The flat two-dimensional forms can then be printed onto sheet material like cardboard, mdf, or plexiglas and cut to create physical 3D models and sculptures.