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Via Scoop.itDigital Fabrication – teaching using new technology

So what do these developments mean for the future of both digital and handmade craft? If you ask Dries Verbruggen, he’ll tell you that eventually that question won’t even matter. Verbruggen, one-half of the Belgium-based design studio Unfold, believes we’re on the cusp of the post-digital era – a time when distinguishing between the digital and analogue ways of thinking will no longer be relevant. Instead, he says, the two will be so irreversibly intertwined that we won’t even notice a divide. “The digital, as a very dedicated thing, will just dissolve into the real world,” Verbruggen predicts.   Marcelo Coelho echos this same idea. He says it’s crucial that we find a way to seamlessly blend the digital with the tactile if we don’t want to see the richness of the physical world “replaced by shiny, glass-covered LED screens.”    


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