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Wired 13.09: The Dream Factory

Wired 13.09: The Dream Factory.




So, sure, soon we’ll be able to build anything. But should we? “Let’s say everyone suddenly can make their own hood ornaments. What if they actually do that? The real world would look like the Internet in 1996, when people started making their own Web sites.” Griffith shudders. “Remember those hideous-looking psychedelic backgrounds and stupid animations? And blinking tags?”

I’m reminded of a stern lecture Griffith delivered about the dangers of designing solely on computers: When you’re operating in a virtual realm, it’s hard to feel any consequences. It really is too much like a videogame. “You learn a lot from actually holding your materials in your hands,” he told me that day at Squid Labs. “That’s when you have to grapple with your design.” The computer screen is forgiving; the real world isn’t.


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