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When Dreams are Materialised

Ritik is one of the many children of the new 3D printing generation. He has grown up in a world where it is possible to 3D Print your dream designs at home with the help of easy to use 3D software applications. As Ritik sits in his bedroom daydreaming of his future dream house, he no longer has to wait for many hard working years to see it come to life. He now sits behind his computer screen, drawing up the plans to the house that he wants catered to his own needs and taste. It’s a personalized house that he can call his own unique dream come true. Like the other kids of this 3D printing generation he’s taking the first step of many more to come towards a world of 3D printed goodness.

When Dreams are Materialised | i.materialise 3D Printing Service Blog – watch us make the future (feel free to join in).


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